Dr.Daya Bhat DDS,MS

Dr Wagner Introducing Dr.Daya Bhat DDS MS

Dear Patients,

As many of you have inquired about my retirement plans, l shared my intentions of handing down my practice to my son who was considering an orthodontic residency. After very thoughtful consideration, my son has made a decision to not pursue Orthodontics, but to continue in the field of dentistry.

In recent years, I have been approached by several Orthodontists, both private and corporate entities, to sell my practice.  I have great love and appreciation for my patients, families, and my staff.  For these reasons it has been my focus to find someone that truly cares about the patients, families, and staff as much as I do.

I am pleased to announce that I believe I have found that person in Dr. Daya Bhat.

Dr.Daya Bhat, aka “Dr.B” is a Board Certified Orthodontist who herself comes from a family of dentists. She has been in the field of dentistry since 2001 and brings with her years of experience. She got her DDS as well as Post Graduate degree in Orthodontics and Orofacial Orthopedics from the University of Illinois in Chicago where she was involved in extensive research and was the recipient of the International Association of Dental Research Award. She took the initiative to get additional training in specialized courses during and after her Residency. Her love for nature brought her to the state of Washington a few years ago. She genuinely cares for her patients and strives to provide the best treatment for each and everyone in her care. She speaks 4 different languages other than English including Spanish, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam. She is a Yoga teacher, she loves to meditate, she dabbles in painting and loves to explore the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest!! She is very excited to meet and work with you all!

As for me, I will be continuing to practice until Dr. Bhat and myself have had time to review treatment plans for all patients and to ensure a smooth transition. My staff will stay and continue to take excellent care of you!!

I want you to know that I have loved being your Orthodontist and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives.  I am very appreciative of the trust and support you have given me and it is my hope that you will continue that relationship with Dr. B.

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Michael Wagner